Seville sofa

Long, lean and stream-lined. We prefer our Seville with chrome legs (additional charge). However, timber cone legs may be chosen to create a softer, warmer look.

* Please note that extra fabric may be required
for pattern matching.
Chair800D x 750W x 800H$898+ 5.2m*
2 Seater800D x 1300W x 800H$1268+ 8m*
2 ½ Seater 800D x 1700W x 800H$1438+ 9m*
3 Seater800D x 1950W x 800H$1598+ 10m*
2 Seater Sofa Bed800D x 1300W x 800H$2048+ 8.6m*
2 ½ Seater Sofa Bed800D x 1700W x 800H$2298+ 9.5m*